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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

My stab at ranking the 32 teams in the NFL after Week 13.

Last week there was a little shakeup at the top of the rankings. The hottest team in the NFL was beat by another red hot team and there was a little separation in some of the division battles.

The Bengals won an ugly one on the road, but in doing so they completed a 3 game road winning streak. This was a franchise first. They were helped by the rest of the AFC North as no other team in the division was able to win.

Here are my rankings, have at em:

NFL Team Wins Losses Ties Rank Previous Rank
Green Bay Packers 9 3 0 1 3 Big win at home for the Packers, this could be a potential Super Bowl matchup and they played very well against the Patriots.
New England Patriots 9 3 0 2 1 It may have been a different result in Foxboro, but the Patriots still looked
Denver Broncos 9 3 0 3 4 Denver now has a running back that looks like can take the beating through the postseason. Undrafted C.J. Anderson is a nice surprise.
Philadelphia Eagles 9 3 0 4 6 Good win against rival Dallas, the Sanchize is loving his supporting cast.
Arizona Cardinals 9 3 0 5 2 Is it a tailspin for the Cardinals? They are exposing a lot of questions for a team that looked pretty darn good 3 weeks ago.
Indianapolis Colts 8 4 0 6 7 The Colts can help shut the door on the Browns this weekend. I hope Andrew Luck throws all over the Johnny Football Browns.
Cincinnati Bengals 8 3 1 7 8 Winning ugly makes no difference. The Bengals are hot and need to continue to be hot in their last 4 games.
Seattle Seahawks 8 4 0 8 9 The Seahawks may be getting their groove back. The defense has allowed a whopping 6 points in the last two weeks.
Dallas Cowboys 8 4 0 9 5 The defense could not stop the Mark Sanchez led high octane offense.
San Diego Chargers 8 4 0 10 13 Thanks to the Chargers for the comeback win against the Ravens.
Detroit Lions 8 4 0 11 12 The Lions pick on a division rival to finally find some offense.
Kansas City Chiefs 7 5 0 12 11 The Chiefs had too many bad bounces to beat the Broncos.
Baltimore Ravens 7 5 0 13 10 Their outstanding defense didn't do much against the Chargers. Maybe the Ravens are getting exposed.
San Francisco 49ers 7 5 0 14 14 The offense is struggling, yet Kaepernick still gets more respect than a certain red headed QB I know.
Buffalo Bills 7 5 0 15 17 The Bills defense shut the Browns down. So much so they needed to bring a no name backup QB...
Pittsburgh Steelers 7 5 0 16 15 The Saints owned the Steelers. They looked terrible until some garbage time junk.
Cleveland Browns 7 5 0 17 16 Every NFL show has become the Johnny Manziel hour.
Miami Dolphins 7 5 0 18 18 They gave the Jets every opportunity to win the game. The problem is, the Jets are just that bad.
Houston Texans 6 6 0 19 19 2 sacks, a fumble recovery and a touchdown reception. All in a days work for J.J. Watt.
St. Louis Rams 5 7 0 20 21 The Tre Mason era in St. Louis is happening.
New Orleans Saints 5 7 0 21 23 There may be hope for a winning record in the NFC South yet!
Atlanta Falcons 5 7 0 22 22 The Falcons are keeping pace, but they still have Green Bay and the Saints on their upcoming schedule.
Minnesota Vikings 5 7 0 23 24 Not one, but two blocked punts returned for touchdowns. That is how you help out your struggling offense.
Chicago Bears 5 7 0 24 20 Remember when the Bears were all about defense? They are terrible now.
Carolina Panthers 3 8 1 25 26 The way this division goes, I should pick the Panthers to beat the Saints next week.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 10 0 26 27 The game plan of using the 12th man actually on the field backfired. When you stink, you will try anything.
New York Giants 3 9 0 27 25 Jacksonville was able to score touchdowns on two Giants fumbles.
Washington Redskins 3 9 0 28 28 Colt McCoy was awesome through the air, he just was terrible on the ground. 4 fumbles is a bad blemish on your stat line.
Tennessee Titans 2 10 0 29 29 Ryan Fitzpatrick tossed 6 touchdown passes on you, let that sink in.
New York Jets 2 10 0 30 30 How long does Rex Ryan keep his job after this season? Over under is 1 hour.
Jacksonville Jaguars 2 10 0 30 32 Know how else to help a struggling offense? 2 fumbles returned for touchdowns.
Oakland Raiders 1 11 0 31 31 Remember how happy you were when you couldn't stop dancing after beating the Chiefs. You just lost 52 - 0.