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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Heading Home

The Cincinnati Bengals have an average Power Ranking of 9.3 based on the six major sites we follow. They fall between 11 and a high of 7.

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We said that the Bengals needed to not choke in their three game road trip. We would be happy if they came back 2-1. Instead they took all 3. That has to garner some love in the polls right?

Nope, they won ugly. Andy Dalton had a bad half. It was only Tampa Bay. They missed tackles. These my friends are excuses. No need for them here. The Bengals walked away with the win and that is good enough. No amount of whining about achieving the last W changes the fact that the Bengals need to prepare for their next opponent. I don't care if they win every game by one point. All that matters in the end is the win.

So how do they move in the polls? It turns out, not that much.

PUBLICATION Current Last Week Change
ESPN 10 10 +0
Fox Sports 11 12 +1
USA Today 10 10 +0
CBS Sports 7 7 +0 10 10 +0
SB Nation 8 10 +2
9.3 9.8


So the move up was not great, but the Bengals are finally the highest ranked team in the AFC North. It seems people are finally climbing off the bandwagons of Baltimore and Pittsburgh and onto the Cincinnati cart.