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NFL Playoff: Chiefs, Ravens and Bills suffer damaging losses

Don't expect to see the Chiefs, Bills or Ravens in the NFL playoffs after devastating Week 16 losses.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs all had opportunities to boost their playoff chances with a win this week, but all three failed miserably.

The Chiefs were the least likely of the three to win, as they faced a Steelers team in Pittsburgh that needed one more win to clinch a playoff berth. They did just that with a 20-12 win of Kansas City, who never found the end zone in a game they had every opportunity to win, but their enigmatic offense finally ran out of gas.

As for the Ravens, no one saw them losing to a Texans team that was starting Case Keenum, who was just signed off the Rams practice squad. Well, it was more or less Joe Flacco that beat the Ravens. He threw three picks and completed just 21 of 50 passes for 195 yards and two scores. Most of those completions came in the second half with Houston holding a comfortable lead, as Houston held on for a 25-13 win.

The Bills were the likeliest of these teams to win today, as they faced a 2-12 Oakland Raiders team that had nothing to play for. They didn't play like it, as the Raiders stunned the Bills 26-24 to drop them to 8-7. That eliminates them from playoff contention, though their odds of making it were slim with a road game against the Patriots next week.

Still, watching your postseason hopes end at the hands of a two-win team is brutal.