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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Rising Stock

The Cincinnati Bengals have an average Power Ranking of 8.5 based on the six major sites we follow. They fall between 10 and a high of 8.

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals beat the Broncos, a playoff team / division winner in a primetime game. The atmosphere at the stadium was electric. What was most interesting about this game was that the Bengals started with a typical mistake. Andy Dalton tossed a pass that was tipped into the air by A.J. Green. The ball was picked off and returned for a touchdown. Past Bengals performances would have allowed that to steamroll into yet another primetime beat down.

As we all know, this didn't happen.

So here is where the Bengals fall in the sites we like to follow for Power Rankings.

PUBLICATION Current Last Week Change
ESPN 8 11 +3
Fox Sports 8 13 +5
USA Today 9 11 +2
CBS Sports 10 9 -1 8 11 +3
SB Nation


12 +4
8.5 11.2


I have no idea what Pete Prisco was thinking. He moved the Bengals lower one spot. I don't see anything in last night's game that would make someone want to move the Bengals DOWN in a power ranking. But, it is what it is. The game is not played for these numbers, it is played for the playoffs and Super Bowl. Last night, the Bengals punched their post season ticket for the fifth time in six years.