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Bengals: NFL Playoff ticket sales are "lagging"

The Cincinnati Bengals began selling playoff tickets earlier this month and apparently those ticket sales are lagging. The team is efforting a campaign for awareness.

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Here's the scenario:

If the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday night and the Denver Broncos beat the Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati will host a wildcard game this weekend against the No. 6 seed -- which could be Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City or San Diego.

Despite the utter uncertainty, the team is concerned that tickets sales are "lagging". Per the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Bengals ticket sales manager Andrew Brown said on Tuesday that sales for a potential home playoff game are lagging, but he knows that's due in part to the fact that the Bengals aren't guaranteed a single home game yet and it won't be known if they are until after Sunday night's game at Pittsburgh.


Brown said tickets have been on sale for a week now and are available on all three viewing levels and for as little as $56, which is $30 less than the lowest price last season when the Bengals hosted San Diego in a wild-card round game. A divisional-round game would be as low as $60.

Whoa, $56?

Director of Sales and Public Affairs, Jeff Berding, appeared up on Bengals Line Tuesday Night on 700 WLW to campaign awareness that playoff tickets need to start moving.

Cincinnati announced a presale for playoff tickets earlier this month for the first home game at Paul Brown Stadium. If fans paid for tickets but the team ends up not hosting a playoff game, fans will be entitled to a full refund.

The issues with tickets sales for wild card weekend is fairly common. This is due in part because opponents won't be determined until Sunday evening/night. After that point the league determines the schedule based on interest level for the networks, and then announces it. On the other hand, if Cincinnati wins and the Broncos are defeated, the Bengals won't play during wild card weekend.