Potential worry if have to face Indy.

If we do lose to Pitt, and are the #5 seed vs. Indy, I hope the NFL at least puts the game on Sunday, instead of Saturday. The Bengals are on a short week this week vs. Pitt, and if they have to play again the next Saturday, would be another short week...... also add in the fact that Indy is locked into their position, and can rest anyone they want in their last game at Tennessee, so they could be coming off a bye almost... Could be a big disadvantage, but I guess it is what it is.

Would certainly work out better to win on Sunday vs. Pitt, and play at home against an opponent, (SD,Bal, Houston, or KC) that has to play to win in their last games.

Or of course have a Christmas miracle, and have Oakland upset Denver, and possibly get a bye.

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