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NFL and Facebook agree to highlight-sharing deal

The NFL makes it very difficult to share highlights of games outside their official website.

NJ Advance Media for TODAY Sports

The NFL and Facebook have made a big move that will make the social-media giant even more attractive for sports fans. The league has agreed to a deal to allow video clips of NFL games and content on Facebook, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The league will begin posting highlights and fantasy football content to Facebook on Tuesday, just in time to start sharing highlights during the NFL playoffs. While you may ask "what's the big deal," you must realize the NFL makes it very difficult to share game highlights of games that aren't gifs or vines.

There is no official NFL YouTube page, and all of its mobile video goes through its NFL Mobile app which is only available through Verizon. This comes one year after the league made a deal with Twitter to tweet game highlights and analysis featured on directly to allow fans to view highlights directly on their timelines.