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Fan Poll/Open Thread: What Would You Have Given Chad Johnson For Christmas?

We ask you, the readers, what you would have given one of the most animated and famous Bengals this holiday season. Sound off and have some fun!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Johnson. "Ochocinco" to some. The flamboyant wide receiver was one of the most memorable and decorated players in Cincinnati Bengals history. Even though the ending to his career in the Queen City was slightly bitter, almost every fan holds dear thoughts about No. 85's 10-year career in Cincinnati.

Here are some of the career highlights for "The Ocho":

  • Six-Time Pro Bowl Selection
  • Three-Time All-Pro
  • Led The AFC In Receiving Three Times
  • Led All NFL In Receiving Yards One Time
  • All-Time Bengals Leader In Receptions (751)
  • All-Time Bengals Leader In Touchdown Receptions (65)
  • All-Time Bengals Leader In Receiving Yardage (10,507)
  • Most 1,000-Yard Receiving Seasons In Team History (7)

Now, should A.J. Green remain healthy and in Cincinnati long-term, he will be challenging these records, but Johnson paved the way as one of the team's greatest players ever. And while eighty-five was the master of trash-talk and touchdown celebrations, he backed up much of that on the field with the aforementioned production.

Being the character that he was/is, and that Christmas is still visible in the rear-view mirror, we wonder what kind of gifts Bengals fans would give one of the brightest stars in the Bengals' galaxy.

Props to use in another celebration? Hair dye or another memento for when he was with the Bengals? What creative gifts ideas would you give No. 85 in an effort to make him laugh, cry or do another celebratory dance? Let us know! Get creative, and/or be funny or sentimental.

We hope that you all have a great holiday season and a prosperous New Year.