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Broncos secure second seed with 47-14 win over the Raiders

If the Oakland Raiders surprised the world and defeated the Denver Broncos, the Cincinnati Bengals would have a chance for the No. 2 seed. That didn't happen and the best Cincinnati can do is a No. 3 seed.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the scenarios:

  • If the Denver Broncos beat the Oakland Raiders, they secure the No. 2 seed and enjoy a bye week during Wild Card weekend.
  • If the Oakland Raiders beat the Denver Broncos, that unleashes an amazing opportunity for Cincinnati because if the Bengals beat Pittsburgh, Cincinnati will claim the No. 2 seed. Pittsburgh can't do any better than the No. 3.

First things, first... what happens with the Denver Broncos sets the stage for any continuation of this conversation. Thanks to the Oakland Raiders... the "continuation of this conversation" lasted about as long as a hummingbird's sneeze. Oakland's offense was so poor that they didn't generate their first first down until the 8:07 mark in the second quarter, sending their offense off the field on four consecutive three-and-out possessions and punting during every drive.

Raiders offense first half

Despite a Peyton Manning fumble that was recovered by Keith McGill and returned 18 yards for a touchdown, this was every bit of the dominating performance that was expected. Denver took a 20-3 halftime lead into the lockerroom.

C.J. Anderson led the team with 87 yards rushing and three touchdowns.

Save for Oakland's 85-yard touchdown drive midway through the quarter, the Broncos glided to an easy victory.