Hopeful thoughts regarding the disastrous first game vs. Indy.

We all know what happened when Bengals played their earlier this year.... 27-0... 506 total yards vs 135... but a few things have changed since then that will hopefully benefit the Bengals this time around..

1. The Colts rushed for 171 yards on 5.0 yards per carry in that game.... this is an area where the Bengals should be able to do better. The Bengals run defense has improved since then, and Rey Maualuga,E. Lamur, Brandon Thompson did not play in that game. Leon Hall left in the first half. Also Vincent Rey has been playing the run better since then.... The Colts overall are not a great rushing team (22nd overall), but are a very good passing team... the Bengals will need to stuff the run and make them one dimensional to have a chance... the trends point to the Bengals doing a much better job against the run this time around.

2. The Bengals rushed for 32 yards on 12 carries, with Jeremy Hill only getting 4 carries for 15 yards... again the Bengals have improved in their rush game in recent weeks since putting Hill as the primary back, and should have more success this time... the Colts are middle of the pack in stopping the run (18th overall) ..... it should be noted that this can depend on whether A.J Green can play, and help keep the defense honest, and not stacking the front.

3. A.J... he didn't play in the first game, and am writing this with the expectation that he this week.... The Colts were all over the Bengals short passing game in the first meeting... The Bengals need to be able to stretch the field some, and keep their safeties from playing close to the line of scrimmage.... hopefully A.J can provide this...

4. The game vs. Indy was the week after the Carolina game, which was a 5 quarter draining kind of game... and I do believe of all the games the Bengals played this year, they were the most flat

Overall I do believe if the Bengals can shut down Indy from running the ball, and are able to run the ball on Indy, then this game can be very winnable, and the signs do point to this being able to happen.

The only good thing that happened in the first game was the Bengals did not turn the ball over a single time, and forced 2 Colt turnovers.... if the Bengals hadn't been +2 in that stat, the score would have been much worse.

So Bengals need to stop the run, run the ball themselves, have A.J play, and DO NOT TURN THE BALL OVER... if they can do these things they have a good chance to win..

I do believe Indy should be favored, they are at home, and are a good team, and dominated in the first meeting. Should be very competitive. But if the Bengals do the things noted above, I have a good feeling.

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