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Bengals At Colts Playoff Game Facing Blackout

Cincinnati fans know all too well the threat of blackouts around games. It seems the media always picks up on the Bengals inability to sell tickets until the final hours to avoid blackouts. The Colts face the same issues this weekend for their playoff game.

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Personally, I think it is more a statement to the changing of the times than a fans inability to support their teams. The experience from your coach has far outpaced that of attending the game. When you add the extra cost of tickets, parking, tailgating and merchandise, many people prefer to enjoy the game with a great view from the comfort of their own home.

We know the Bengals are often threatened with a blackout. Even in the playoffs there were worries the game would not reach the threshold needed to get on local television. We now know that many other teams face the same issues. Last season even the Packers were threatening a blackout when they were having trouble selling playoff tickets. The Colts needed an extension and some help from Meijer to avoid a blackout last season. It looks to be the same issue this season.

The Colts currently have 7,500 tickets available for the game on Sunday. They must sell them by Thursday at 1:00pm to avoid a blackout. If they are trending positively towards a sellout, a 24 hour extension can be granted to enable them more time to sell tickets.

Indy is a short drive from Cincinnati. I will be making the trek to watch the Bengals finally end the playoff drought. A blackout in Indy will not affect the viewing in Cincinnati, but won't it be fun to tell everyone that you were there when the Bengals achieved that illusive playoff win?