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Josh Gordon and Browns appear headed for divorce; Johnny Manziel on shaky ground

It's starting to look as though the Johnny Manziel to Josh Gordon connection Browns fans dreamed of will remain just that.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns are tired of being a joke and NFL bottom-feeder, but they'll continue to be so as long as they have guys like Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon and Justin Gilbert on their team.

Both Gordon and Gilbert were deactivated for the Week 17 finale after missing meetings leading up to the team's matchup with the Baltimore Ravens. Manziel was disciplined for allegedly hosting a party Friday night that led to him missing treatment Saturday for his injure hamstring.

Cleveland has a lot invested in both Manziel and Gilbert, of whom were first-round picks in this past draft. As for Gordon, he was a second-round supplemental pick under previous ownership and management, so there's not nearly as big of a concern keeping him, as evidenced by what ESPN Cleveland's Tony Grossi had to say following a meeting with GM Ray Farmer:

As for Manziel, his Cleveland future might night be long either. The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Dennis Manoloff says it’s time for the Browns to cut the cord on Manziel. Grossi also believes the Browns' search for their 23rd starting QB since 1999 is on this offseason.

It's starting to look as though the Manziel-to-Gordon connection Browns fans dreamed of will remain just that, and it will be both of their faults in the end.