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Watch A.J. Green torch Steelers and break Mike Mitchell's ankles

Bengals receiver A.J. Green had a career day against the Steelers, and Mike Mitchell was victimized badly for a touchdown.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals and Steelers had quite a ballgame in their AFC North clash at Paul Brown Stadium. Both teams traded punches and counter punches for four quarters, and though Pittsburgh came out on top, Cincinnati made their fair share of big plays.

Andy Dalton had arguably the best game he's ever had vs. an AFC North team, highlighted by this strike on the final play of the third quarter to give Cincinnati the lead.

However, the real highlight of this play was how A.J. Green obliterated the ankles of Steelers safety Mike Mitchell on the way to the end zone.

Though the Steelers ended up winning, Green finished the game with more than 200 yards receiving, the first time he's ever reached that mark. Given how gloomy his season looked earlier this year as he battled a foot injury, it's great to see Green back to being one of the game's best receivers.