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OPEN THREAD POLL: How do Bengals finish 2014 NFL season?

Can the Bengals get enough wins to make it to the NFL playoffs?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After losing at home to the Steelers, the Bengals are now 8-4-1 with games at Cleveland, at Pittsburgh and vs. the Broncos on Monday Night Football.

Judging by the rest of the playoff contenders, the Bengals need to get to nine wins to make the postseason. That said, the Bengals will be on the road vs. the Browns and Steelers during their final three games, and those are two teams that won handily in Cincinnati.

Oh, and the Broncos come to town on Monday Night Football in Week 16. Peyton Manning has never lost to the Bengals, who in turn have rarely won in primetime, let alone against a Super-Bowl contender like Denver.

For the sake of this poll, we'll pretend that nine wins is enough to get the Bengals to the playoffs, two is enough to win the AFC North, and three gets them a first-round bye.

Do the Bengals even get that one win though?