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Who Wins The AFC North?

Our weekly discussion of what team steps forward and takes this division. The Bengals had a chance for some separation, but now it looks like this is going to all come down to week 17.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Every team in the AFC North continues to have a winning record. If the Browns manage to win one more game, this division will finish with all four teams boasting a non-losing season. Pretty incredible as a division. With that being the case, it makes this division the closest battle top to bottom. No team is eliminated and most likely, the division matchups in week 17 are going to decide who is where in this group. Currently the Bengals are still in control:

Cincinnati Bengals 8 4 1 .654 2-2 5-4
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 5 0 .615 3-2 7-3
Baltimore Ravens 8 5 0 .615 2-3 4-5
Cleveland Browns 7 6 0 .538 2-2 4-6

What's that you say? The Bengals can't still be winning this division based on the doom and gloom coming from every corner of WhoDeyVille?

It's true. The Bengals still have the half game advantage over the Steelers and Ravens. The Bengals face the Browns next Sunday to hopefully add another win in the division to keep this tight lead. Of all of the AFC North games, this looks to be the best matchup. The Steelers face the Falcons on the road while the Ravens face the Jaguars at home.

After the Bengals sucked so terribly against the Browns, the results of the fan poll were that the Browns were going to take this division. People were angry (mostly with Andy Dalton) about the pitiful display and voiced it in the voting. only the Ravens had less of a shot than the Bengals in your eyes.

The second poll followed the Bengals win over the Saints and Texans. More of you were on board with the Bengals, but the race was still tight.

The third poll chased the 3 game road winning streak. Couple that with the fact that every other division team lost and fan confidence was very high. You were sure this was the Bengals division and they ran away with the poll.

Now, this is going to be an interesting week. I have shown you above that the Bengals still control their own fate. They hold the lead in the division with three games to go. They face the Browns and the Steelers in two of those games and could essentially shut the door on both of their seasons with wins.

The Steelers also control their own fate. If they win out (including a win in week 17 against the Bengals) they will win this division. However, they don't only face the Bengals, they have a very tough Kansas City Chiefs team to contend with in week 16. A loss here really puts them in a tough spot.

The Ravens have an easier road to winning out. They face the Browns in week 17 but the Texans and Jaguars in their other games. They could potentially sweep in and take the division if Pittsburgh and Cincinnati stumble.

So who is it going to be? Cast your vote below.