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Marvin Lewis: Bengals preparing like Brian Hoyer is the starter

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis told reporters that the team is preparing for both Cleveland quarterbacks, but anticipate Brian Hoyer as the starter. Cleveland is non-committal as of now.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns have one question burning on the minds of fans and the media: Who will start at quarterback? Will it be the incumbent Brian Hoyer, who hasn't thrown a touchdown since Nov. 16 (Week 11 against the Texans) and eight interceptions over the last four games, or the divisive rookie Johnny Manziel.

"While I'm not certain Johnny Football gives the Browns the best chance to win, I do know he can be an eye-popping playmaker capable of providing a booster shot in the arm of a team that desperately needs a spark," Brian Billick pens a commentary that suggests Cleveland should start Manziel.

"Let's take a look at why, and another reason why Mike Pettine should pull the trigger and start QB Johnny Manziel," writes SB Nation's Dawgs by Nature. "QB Brian Hoyer has been unproductive for long enough, and a change at quarterback can spark an offense as the defense, hopefully, continues to take care of business."

Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine spoke with reporters on Monday and said that, "We're going to meet on that here in a couple of hours. I'm not prepared to comment on it at this point", because he hasn't met with the quarterbacks yet.

Cincinnati, after taking a 21-point defeat at home on the proverbial chin Sunday, are tasked with preparing for two quarterbacks at this stage. Will it be Hoyer or Manziel. It appears that there's a change coming and that announcement could happen Monday night. But, until something with a little more authority surfaces, one mustn't presume. Jason La Canfora tweeted that "source connected to the Browns QB decision estimates there is a 99% chance Manziel starts Sunday."

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis told reporters on Monday that they "have to prepare like Hoyer" will start -- which is an interesting point of view. It's like saying, we're preparing for Hoyer. Cleveland says, "Ha, we fooled you. We're starting Manziel." To which Cincinnati responds, "Ha, we double fooled you. We were preparing for Manziel all along!"

Lewis did point out that defensive coordinator Paul Guenther, who should be raising hell for the next week, will prepare for both quarterbacks.

Following Cincinnati's win over the Jacksonville Jaguars and rookie quarterback Blake Bortles, the Bengals are 13-10 against rookie quarterbacks during the Marvin Lewis era -- which began with a win over Baltimore's Kyle Boller in 2003.