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Bengals Marvin Lewis apologizes for Johnny Manziel "midget" remark

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis called into 700 WLW Monday Night, during the weekly "Bengals Line" and spoke about the difficulty in figuring out which Browns quarterback to prepare for. He said something, then apologized for saying it.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis issued an apology Monday night for calling Johnny Manziel a "midget" on Bengals Line on 700 WLW. "I apologize to Johnny and the Browns and all the fans in Cleveland. It was just a poor remark. I really didn't mean anything by it," Lewis said through the team.

The Bengals play Cleveland on Sunday and the Browns are deciding whether to play Brian Hoyer or rookie Johnny Manziel. So during Monday Night's Bengals Line, Lewis began answering questions that asked how the Bengals prepare for two quarterbacks.

"You gotta go defend the offense. You don't defend the player," Lewis said. He paused, then added: "Particularly a midget."

The media immediately hooked their teeth into the story, applying a comment that, if you listen to the show and listen to Lewis when he's a little unfiltered, was said in a joking manner. However, of all people who should know how a comment can uncontrollably explode, it's Lewis.