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Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

My stab at ranking the 32 teams in the NFL after Week 14.

As the top of the board for weekly power rankings becomes more consistent, the middle is still anyone's guess. There are so many teams still in the hunt for a playoff spot that from week to week the shift can be huge. The AFC North is probably the biggest culprit.

I still try to think about what team would win if they played on a neutral field. Sometimes that means putting a team above one it may have beaten earlier in the season. Sometimes it is just wrong. Here they are though, your Week 14 power rankings.

NFL Team Wins Losses Ties Rank Previous Rank
Green Bay Packers 10 3 0 1 1 The Packers allowed the Falcons to make it interesting for about a minute in the second half. Aaron Rodgers is throwing the ball perfectly right now.
New England Patriots 10 3 0 2 2 The defense is stepping up in this late run. The Patriots enjoy a division where they don't get beat up.
Denver Broncos 10 3 0 3 3 Manning's numbers were pedestrian. Not what you want to see from Denver in their seeding push for the playoffs.
Seattle Seahawks 9 4 0 4 8 Seattle had a great road win, they looked primed to face anyone in the NFC in the playoffs.
Philadelphia Eagles 9 4 0 5 4 They got decimated by the Seahawks, but have a chance to recover this week against the Cowboys.
Arizona Cardinals 10 3 0 6 5 Helped by a questionable fumble, the Cardinals shut Kansas City down in the second half.
Indianapolis Colts 9 4 0 7 6 Beating the Browns didn't look easy, but there are no style points in this league.
Dallas Cowboys 9 4 0 8 9 Beating up on the Bears was easy when you have a running back like DeMarco Murray.
Detroit Lions 9 4 0 9 11 Good win carving up Tampa Bay to keep in the playoff race.
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 5 0 10 16 The 4th quarter explosion gives the Steelers confidence in the last stretch.
Cincinnati Bengals 8 4 1 11 7 When the Bengals lose, they do it ugly.
Baltimore Ravens 8 5 0 12 13 With the loss of Ngata, people expected the Ravens to struggle, they answered with six sacks.
San Diego Chargers 8 5 0 13 10 The Chargers defense played good enough to win, the offense failed to match the output from the Patriots.
Kansas City Chiefs 7 6 0 14 12 They can't get a passing game going, yet Jamaal Charles does not get enough touches.
Buffalo Bills 7 6 0 15 15 Kudos for holding Peyton Manning to no touchdown passes.
Houston Texans 7 6 0 16 19 The Texans can help the Bengals by making a push for the playoffs. Baltimore and Indy are on the schedule for them.
San Francisco 49ers 7 6 0 17 14 From what I see on YouTube, there was more fight from the fans of the 49ers than from the actual team.
Cleveland Browns 7 6 0 18 17 Now begins the era of another high profile quarterback from Cleveland exiting the NFL early.
St. Louis Rams 6 7 0 19 20 Back to Back shutouts, no one really wants to play the Rams with the way they are playing defense.
Miami Dolphins 7 6 0 20 18 Gashed by the Ravens, they are in a hole to try and make the post season.
Minnesota Vikings 6 7 0 21 23 Four out of the last six were wins for Zimmer's squad.
Atlanta Falcons 5 8 0 22 22 Matt Ryan throws a good football, but many times it is to the other team.
Carolina Panthers 4 8 1 23 25 Just beat up on the Saints to ensure there will not be a winning record in this division.
New Orleans Saints 5 8 0 24 21 4 losses in a row at home. Saints fans are not used to seeing this kind of stretch.
Chicago Bears 5 8 0 25 24 Losing Brandon Marshall for the season may take this team from bad to pitiful.
New York Giants 4 9 0 26 27 Who picked up Odell Beckham in their fantasy league? He is pulling people through the playoffs.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 11 0 27 26 No defense as the Lions easily handled Tampa Bay.
Jacksonville Jaguars 2 11 0 28 31 Miserable season not over quick enough for Jacksonville.
Washington Redskins 3 10 0 29 28 The Rams captains were all the players they gained in the RGIII rights trade.
Oakland Raiders 2 11 0 30 32 The hatred bowl gave the Raiders some fire to win their second game. Expect a shutout next week.
New York Jets 2 11 0 31 30 Can't wait for the Rex Ryan firing.
Tennessee Titans 2 11 0 32 29 Welcome to the bottom, Titans.

So tell me what you think...