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Fan Poll: Your Super Bowl Celebration Sunday If Bengals Were In The Big Game?

We want to find out how you, the Bengals fans, would watch the big game if the Bengals were playing on Sunday. Vote and sound off!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

News flash: the Cincinnati Bengals aren't playing in Super Bowl XLVIII. They came relatively close with another playoff berth this year, but The Big Game will feature two teams from the Western United States in the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. That doesn't mean that those with imaginations can't dream about certain possibilities.

On this Super Bowl Eve, we want to find out what Bengals fans would do if the Bengals made the Super Bowl and were playing tomorrow. We talked about it on this week's episode of Who-Dey Weekly and thought it would be a good topic to ask the readers of Cincy Jungle as well.

So, how would you spend the day and how would you watch the game? Would you be a party animal, record the game and watch it later? Would you take a trip, spend a bunch of dough and watch them in-person? Or, would you be a creepy hermit (no offense, Bengaldom) and watch the game all by your lonesome in the darkness or you own bedroom? There are some middle ground options too, folks.

Whichever is your preference, we want to hear it. Cast your vote and leave your comments!