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Tecmo Bowl Futures - Super Bowl - Broncos Vs. Seahawks

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Continuing with the tradition of simulating games with Tecmo Super Bowl, today we match up the Denver Broncos with the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.


What will the outcome be when the best defense faces the best offense? Let's let Tecmo spin it's magic and find out.


The Seahawks start with the ball and fail to do much of anything. Wesley Woodyard stops Russell Wilson and the Hawks are forced to punt.

2_medium 3_medium

Disaster strikes for the Broncos as Knowhson Moreno is lost for the game to an injury and then Byron Maxwell picks off Peyton Manning.

4_medium 5_medium

The Seahawks move the ball on the ground with much of that picked up by Russell Wilson.


Wilson finds Doug Baldwin in the endzone for the the touchdown as the Seahawks get on the board first.

8_medium 9_medium

Red Bryant ends the Broncos drive with a sack of Peyton Manning and the Broncos are forced to punt.


Marshawn Lynch picks up a huge chunk of yards as the first quarter comes to a close. The Seahawks lead 7 - 0.

12_medium 13_medium

On a 3rd and long, Wilson finds Michael Robinson in the endzone for a Seahawks touchdown.

14_medium 15_medium

Montee Ball moves the ball well filling in for Knowshon Moreno, but then he is also lost for the game to an injury. The Broncos are forced to punt again.

16_medium 18_medium

Russell Wilson finds Golden Tate for a huge gain and then runs the ball in himself for yet another Seattle touchdown.

20_medium 21_medium

Peyton Manning is picked off to end the half. The Seahawks lead the Broncos 21 - 0.

22_medium 23_medium

Trindon Holliday fumbles the opening kickoff of the second half and Seattle gets the ball back.


Russell Wilson takes a bad hit and is lost for the game with an injury. The Seahawks are forced to punt.

25_medium 26_medium

Bobby Wagner becomes a pain to the Denver offense and sacks Peyton Manning, setting up another Denver punt.

27_medium 28_medium

Tarvaris Jackson does not run the ball with the same efficiency as Wilson and the Seahawks punt back to Denver.

29_medium 30_medium

The Denver offense can not get anything going and fall just short of a first down. Rather than go for it, they punt the ball away.

31_medium 32_medium

At the end of 3 the Seahawks lead the Broncos 21 - 0.


The Denver defense disrupts the passing game of the Hawks and Seattle is forced to a field goal try.

34_medium 35_medium

It's good. Seattle has scored 24 unanswered.


Manning finally finds Demaryius Thomas on a long pass for a touchdown. The Broncos are finally on the board in the 4th quarter.


38_medium 39_medium

Seattle adds another late score on the back of Marshawn Lynch to add insult to injury.

40_medium 41_medium

This game is won with a strong defensive showing from Seattle. The Seahawks win 31 - 7 over the Broncos to become the Champs of the league.

42_medium 43_medium