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Anthony Collins cap hit possibilities

Based on whether he is franchised or resigned by the Bengals, Anthony Collins cap hit could be about a 5 million dollar swing.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Estimated cap salary numbers put Anthony Collins at about 10 - 11 million if the Bengals slap him with the Franchise tag. This becomes a direct cap hit to the 2014 salary cap.

If the Bengals are able to negotiate a deal that puts Collins in the Andre Smith range, Collins cap hit would equate to about 6 million (or less) for the 2014 cap. This deal would probably pay around 5.1 million which is a 3.1 million dollar raise a season for a guy who found success as others were injured.

I think the formula is simple for Collins, if the Bengals can get him into a longer term deal at around what they paid for Andre Smith, it is a no brainer. However, if it comes to stalled negotiations and the franchise tag, I would let him see what is available on the open market.

There is a lot of debate about Collins in stripes. What are your thoughts in ensuring he stays here? How much is too much?