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Andy Dalton gets evaluated by a former NFL GM

Former GM Jerry Angelo took the time to rank every quarterback from the 2013 season. Some of the results may surprise you.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ahh kicking up the dirt on the old Andy Dalton debate. Can we win it all with Andy Dalton as the Bengals quarterback? Apparently someone thinks so. Former GM Jerry Angelo took the time to rank all the quarterbacks in the NFL from the 2013 season. He assigned a grade from 1 to 10, (assuming that is the scale as the article does not define the scale used). He also wrote a bit about each quarterbacks strengths and weaknesses.

Angelo has Dalton ranked as the 17th best quarterback in the NFL last season. Interestingly Dalton is ranked one spot higher than former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer. In his write up on Dalton, Angelo states:

Top character and work habits. Is book smart, with average football IQ. He's in his comfort level when everything around him is working. He struggles when it's all on him. His accuracy isn't as sharp as his ability to read coverage. Part of his problem is he was over used. Too many attempts for a pedestrian QB. You can like him, but can't love him.

Pretty much spot on. An accurate description of Dalton would include questioning his arm strength and accuracy on deep throws, his poor decisions when pressured and his supporting cast. It should also include that he has been used improperly and can be quite good when all the pieces around him are working.

Another interesting point in his article is having Dalton ranked two spots better than rival quarterback Joe Flacco. From just the blurb in the post it is quite clear that Angelo does not think too highly of the Ravens signal caller. On Flacco he says:

He only gets into this category because of his Super Bowl win. I'm not sold he has the ability to be an elite QB. He can play too cautious or get locked on to a receiver. He can be hot and cold, needs to be more room temperature; if the Ravens are going to make a run again.

The Cleveland Browns quarterbacks did not rate well as expected. Neither Brian Hoyer or Brandon Weeden were graded very high. Angelo even has Weedon ranked below Matt Sanchez (who I assume is a relative of Mark that can actually play the position).

The only AFC North quarterback ranked relatively high was the Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger. He was recognized for his arm strength and toughness to lead his offense.

Angelo was fired by the Bears on January 3, 2012. The reason for his firing was due to a combination of poor drafting and questionable free agent signings. Take that into account as he analyzes players. He left the Bears with an 87-73 regular season record, and 3-4 playoff record.

Here are the full rankings from Angelo.

  • 8.9 Peyton Manning
  • 8.8 Tom Brady
  • 8.8 Aaron Rodgers
  • 8.8 Andrew Luck
  • 8.7 Drew Brees
  • 8.6 Philip Rivers
  • 8.6 Cam Newton
  • 8.5 Ben Roethlisberger
  • 8.4 Russell Wilson
  • 8.4 Colin Kaepernick
  • 8.3 Alex Smith
  • 8.0 Nick Foles
  • 7.9 Matt Ryan
  • 7.8 Tony Romo
  • 7.7 Jay Cutler
  • 7.6 Matt Stafford
  • 7.4 Andy Dalton
  • 7.3 Carson Palmer
  • 7.1 Joe Flacco
  • 7.0 Eli Manning
  • 6.9 Robert Griffin
  • 6.8 Sam Bradford
  • 6.4 Matt Schaub
  • 6.3 Ryan Tannehill
  • 6.3 Jake Locker
  • 6.3 Mike Glennon
  • 6.2 Geno Smith
  • 6.0 EJ Manuel
  • 6.0 Terrill Pryor
  • 5.9 Christian Ponder
  • 5.5 Blaine Gabbert
  • 5.5 Brandon Weeden