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A Mock Draft With A Little Different Flavor

This is the time in the offseason when the mock draft train unloads and there are literally thousands of mock drafts popping up on the web.

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If you google "NFL Mock Draft 2014" the return contains about 31 million results. Needless to say, these are fairly popular articles. And why not? The number one thing that occupies football fans minds in the offseason is waiting for the season to start again. Every new piece of information about the team is gobbled up as it is posted.

A little while ago I even made fun of the whole mock draft process and how insanely inaccurate it is. That being said, I find myself clicking on every new one I find in hopes to get a glimpse of the new kids that will be joining the Bengals. Mock drafts are the internet drug that helps NFL fans get through the down time of the early offseason.

So yesterday I stumbled across a two round mock draft on The reason I decided to share it here was not because I think this is the golden ticket draft of mocks, but because of the differences to almost every mock I have read.

Obviously this individual thinks the Bengals are going to lose Michael Johnson and react to that loss in the first round of the draft. So for their first pick they have the Bengals selecting Kony Ealy a defensive end out of Missouri. He is a 6'4'' 275 disruption of the end of the defensive line. His draft profile reads:

Big, athletic, ascending, pass-rush talent with the size, burst and flexibility to pressurize the edge as a right defensive end. Is not a finished product, particularly as a run defender, but should only become more disruptive as his strength, technique and savvy catch up with his natural physical ability. Could also draw looks as a 3-4 rush linebacker.

I like the thought, the Bengals grab someone else that can come into the defensive line rotation and possibly have a magical season with double digit sacks. I don't think it happens though, there are more pressing needs else where and with Jason Verrett (CB) still on the board I think the Bengals would take him.

The second round is where I thought many of you would be interested in the pick. This author probably is not a very big fan of Andy Dalton. He has the Bengals selecting A.J. McCarron the quarterback out of Alabama. His draft profile reads:

An efficient game-managing quarterback who has shown he can carry an offense at times throughout his career, but more often is dependent on a terrific supporting cast. Grades out most highly for his intangibles and decision-making, knowing when and where to go with the ball, and could earn an NFL starting job.

Let me tell you first why I don't like this. I don't think McCarron is a very good quarterback right now and he may not develop into anything more than a backup in the NFL. The kid was surrounded by NFL level talent in college and that is going to make him look better than he probably was.

Second, I think the Bengals have more pressing needs than a second round quarterback who is going to become a fan favorite every time Dalton struggles.

I like thinking outside of the box though. Not many people had the Bengals grabbing Tyler Eifert last season and for the most part fans are happy they did. I just don't think the Bengals are in a position currently to grab another second round quarterback.