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Common sense in head coaching rankings lists Marvin Lewis No. 12

One writer for Roto World ranked Marvin Lewis as No. 12. And nailed the narrative regarding Lewis.

Andy Lyons

Despite the overburdened feeling to place him there, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis won't be on the proverbial hotseat -- not until Cincinnati fails to make the playoffs. Sorry. That's the reality in Cincinnati. And that's the reality of the Mike Brown school of loyalty towards head coaches (Cleveland firing Paul Brown left a significant impression on Mike).

Not popular among Bengals fans, who just want a playoff win (for the love of almighty), Lewis has lost a lot of favor in the media. One site hilariously ranked him No. 22, even behind rookie head coaches who have zero experience as a head coach in the NFL -- compared to Lewis, with postseason berths in four out of the last five years. Idiots.

Patrick Daugherty from Roto World offers his Power Rankings, who brilliantly separated existing head coaches with new hires. Daugherty ranked Lewis No. 12:

At this point, Lewis is more Mack Brown-style CEO than head football coach. Both his offense and defense were autonomous units under now departed coordinators Jay Gruden and Mike Zimmer, respectively. Lewis paints in broad strokes for an owner in Mike Brown who obviously has complete faith in his coach of 11 years. Many would point to Lewis’ 0-5 record in the playoffs and say Brown’s faith is misplaced, but even consistency of Lewis’ somewhat mediocre nature is hard to find in the NFL. That’s especially true for a franchise that’s not exactly known for opening its wallet. You could say Lewis should have won more in recent years and be right. You could also say the fact that he’s gone from nine to 10 to 11 wins with a stagnant Andy Dalton under center is more than his teams should have accomplished. At this point, Lewis is just a steady hand, and nothing more. Lest you think that’s an insult, ask the Browns or Raiders how easy it is to find a steady hand.

You know what, not bad. Not bad.