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Pixar animator illustrates Bengals vs. Steelers from 2013 season

Pixar animator Austin Madison returns with more remarkable artwork depicting the NFL season.

Early in 2013, Pixar animator Austin Madison showcased his love for the NFL through some great sketches depicting various match ups throughout the 2012 NFL season. Bengals fans were treated with three works of art from their 2012 season, and we were quick to highlight them here at Cincy Jungle.

Get your desktop wallpapers ready on your computer, because Madison is back with more artwork depicting each week of the 2013 season. Unfortunately, Madison only dedicated one of his pieces to the Bengals. We won't complain though, because it celebrates the Bengals victory of the the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2.


Since Madison didn't grace Bengals fans with any more illustrations, I felt it best to highlight a few more from around the AFC North.

Broncos vs. Ravens, Week 1:


Browns vs. Vikings, Week 3:


Lions vs. Ravens, Week 15:


I'm going to throw in my personal favorite. I don't know that an explanation is needed:


Be sure to check out all of Madison's work found on his blog.