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Bengals Bites (2/19)

News and notes about the Bengals and the rest of the NFL

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals: Five Underclassmen on Offense to Watch at the NFL Scouting Combine - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: COMMENTARY | The Cincinnati Bengals have an explosive offense returning in 2014, but they also have an inconsistent and often awful quarterback in Andy Dalton returning. Short of shedding themselves of Dalton, the Bengals will have to continue to build the offense around the erratic Dalton. The NFL Scouting Combine will provide the Bengals with the opportunity to focus on some of the underclassmen who left college early for the NFL draft. Here are five early entry participants in the NFL combine who might find themselves under scrutiny by the Bengals' coaches and scouting staff:

Countdown to combine: Bengals DL - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN
With the NFL combine starting Wednesday, we're taking a look at positions of need and who the Cincinnati Bengals might be looking at during the combin

Poll: Cincinnati Bengals' best recent draft class is? - ESPN
It was a question for which I had multiple answers. What is the best draft for the Cincinnati Bengals in the past 10 years, and why?

Woman believed to perform football first in Texas | College Football
ALLEN, Texas (AP) — Jennifer Welter certainly felt it when she became what is believed to be the first woman who wasn't a kicker or holder to play

Tampering season already is in full swing | ProFootballTalk
After years of tampering with looming free agents, the NFL launched a three-day tampering window that opens the Saturday before the launch of free agency. It hasn't done anything to reduce the amount of tampering that happens before the window opens.

Jeff Fisher: It’s unlikely NFL will add replay review of penalties | ProFootballTalk
Last NFL season, several games turned on questionable penalties -- particularly pass interference and personal fouls -- that looked like they would have been overturned if the referee were allowed to review penalties on replays.