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Jordan Shipley Enjoying Retirement By Hosting Hunting Shows

Former Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley announced retirement from the NFL in January, and he's now has signed on with the Outdoor Channel as an occasional host of hunting shows.


Though it was a short career, former Cincinnati Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley made quite an impact in just one full season of football. A 2010 third-round pick, Shipley led all rookies with 52 catches to go with 600 yards and three scores while missing just one game due to a concussion. He was also an electric return-man, but most of his playing time was at receiver.

Going into 2011, the thought of pairing him up with A.J. Green had Bengals fans ecstatic about how good a duo those two would be. But he tore his ACL, MCL and meniscus two games into the 2011 season and never was able to recover.

Shipley was released in 2012 in the middle of training camp, and he bounced around the Bucs and Jaguars before finally deciding to hang up the cleats.

Now in his post-NFL career, Shipley is part of the Outdoors Channel, hosting a pair of hunting shows.


He’s moving on from the NFL to join the Outdoor Channel as an occasional host of hunting shows "Bucks of Tecomate" and "Tecomate Whitetail Nation." You see, the secret about Shipley was outside of the explosiveness in the slot, soft hands and football IQ, he’d almost always rather be buried in a woods, hunting the next big buck or floating in a lake, chasing the 15-pound bass.

Now, he’ll receive that chance.

"It was not hard at all," Shipley said of moving on. "Only because I never saw myself as a football player first. Don’t get me wrong, I worked my tail off for football and I loved it but never saw that as my whole identity because I had such a big background in outdoors. Really, with this opportunity I had I was actually pretty excited about moving forward."