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Bengals beat writer Joe Reedy leaving the Cincinnati Enquirer

After five fun, tense, and hilarious years, Joe Reedy is leaving the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Bengals beat.

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In news that otherwise seemed more like an afterthought during the latest Scribe Session at the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bengals beat writer Joe Reedy announced (at the 47 minute mark of their show) that he's leaving the Cincinnati Enquirer. After a nostelgic Ronnie James Dio song, The Last in Line (I think... hell, Metallica and Slayer are about all I know about the 80s).

"I have accepted a job at Fox Sports Ohio and after five seasons here covering the Bengals and eight and a half years at the Enquirer, I'm leaving in a couple of weeks to go to Fox Sports Ohio and go back to northeast Ohio," Joe said on the Scribes session.

Joe, who will be around for a few more weeks, said that while he'll cover the Browns, and some Bengals, his main area will be the Cleveland Indians and Major League Baseball.

While we know that Joe and his twitter followers were, at times antagonistic (but extremely humorous), I've felt that Bengals fans should feel fortunate to have someone as knowledgeable about the team, players, salary information, from an insider perspective as well as the application of common sense.

Sure, there were times that hooks locked into battle between Reedy and Cincy Jungle over the years, we've always had the utmost respect for his work ethic and knowledge as the beat writer over the years, spearheading social media before it became madly popular and even taking blogging further than what was present with the Bengals beat.

And through the years, Joe has helped us out when he had no reason to. In the end, he's been awesome to us. We always relied on Joe for finality of information that began as rumor only to be stamped as confirmation for or against the rumor. And while some have had their battles with him, he was damn good at what he did.

Good luck, Joe.