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Washington Redskins want a second-rounder for Kirk Cousins... no thanks

The Washington Redskins have a solid backup quarterback that some project into a starter. For that to happen, a trade needs to happen and the Redskins want a two for him.

Scott Cunningham

The names have always existed. They're in a unique, though non-exclusive, club. They are backup quarterbacks who brilliantly generate overwhelming interest but end up performing exactly how they were originally cataloged... as a back up. For every Steve Young, there are 50 Matt Flynns.


Matt Flynn, who generated interest in the open market after his initial stint at Green Bay concluded, signed a three-year deal worth $19.5 million with a $6 million signing bonus in 2012 (a total of $10 million guaranteed). Flynn played three games in 2012, attempted nine passes (completing five) and was shipped off to Oakland for a fifth-round pick (and conditional pick in 2015).

After playing two games, Flynn was released and signed a limited deal worth $126,176 with the Buffalo Bills, but released three weeks later. After touring the Northwest, west coast and upper New York, Flynn eventually returned to Green Bay... as a backup.

These stories are not rare. Recent seasons have offered similar stories for guys like Matt Cassel or Kevin Kolb... hell, Billy Volek was even a household name in NFL families.

While not attempting to disparage the possible productivity, the same could apply to Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, who the Redskins are reportedly asking a second-round pick for.

The Washington Redskins want a second-round pick in the NFL draft if they are going to trade backup quarterback Kirk Cousins, according to a person familiar with the team’s planning. It’s not clear how active the Redskins’ trade discussions with other teams regarding Cousins are at this point, or what other clubs might be willing to surrender in a trade for him. It also is not known if Redskins officials will remain adamant about wanting to receive a second-round choice for Cousins or if the team ultimately might be willing to part with him for a lesser compensation package.

One of the proposed theories for Washington's willingness to trade Cousins, who completed 52.3 percent of his 155 attempts with seven interceptions, is a lack of draft picks during the earlier rounds. However, logic in Washington may win out, especially the general worry about Robert Griffin's history with injuries -- Washington shut him down in the final three games in '13 due to that exact fear.

Proposing Cincinnati's interest for Cousins is a fantasy, driven by a belief (not factually supported) that Cousins is a better option than Dalton. Would the theory involve allowing Dalton to leave after his contract expires, and then slipping Cousins into the starting lineup -- after a year in Jay Gruden's system that's currently being maintained by Hue Jackson, who philosophically wants to run the football more.

I'm sure there's an ironic joke in there somewhere. I'm just warmed by the fact that our community is the smartest on the internet.