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Hue Jackson: "If you can't run you can't win"

It is no secret that Hue Jackson wants to change the way this offense will attack. He wants to start that change with running the football better.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This offense was good last season. In one stretch in October, it was one of the best offenses in the league. Hue Jackson wants it to be better.

For Jackson, that starts with being able to run the football better. Joe Reedy details how Jackson wants to focus on the line mauling people up front. If you have a line that creates havoc up front, the offense is free to accomplish pretty much anything it wants. Ideally Jackson wants to be able to run the ball better and boast a 4000 yard passer.

Jackson says, "To me that starts with a group of blockers and have them go be physical with the other team. After that things take care of themselves and the consistency that you get as a unit is because you can play off of each other." Taking care of each other probably means being able to help out the passing game when the quarterback struggles. It may also mean controlling the time of possession by extending drives and eating up clock with the ground game. This would allow a very good defense to get the rest it needs to continue to play at a high level. We saw this fail to happen too much last season.

You can't talk about the Bengals offense without bringing up the Bengals lightening rod of a signal caller, Andy Dalton. Jackson also talks about the Bengals quarterback in the article.

"He has the mental makeup, physical makeup and the capability to do whatever we ask him to do. My job is to make sure he is doing it at a high level all the time and eliminate the lows," Jackson said. "Andy played well and led a team that scored 430 points. My goal is to see how we can score 530 points. We're trying to get better at everything we do. It's not just scoring. Everyone wants to talk about Andy, but I am very comfortable and confident of who he is."

No matter the feelings on Dalton the probability that he is the Bengals quarterback next season is greater than 99%. He is surrounded by enough weapons that he can be successful, he just needs to be in a position where the offense allows him to do that. A new running focus and also limiting his throws to the areas where he excels is a recipe for a great offense for the Bengals.

A coordinator like Jackson is going to bring the kind of accountability and intensity that we enjoyed watching from former Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. Jackson is an in your face kind of coach that does not pamper his players. I f you mess up, he will let you know it. Imagine if the Bengals get the attitude of the defense on the offensive side of the ball? This could be a great season.