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Ray Rice Could be Disciplined by NFL and Ravens

Ray Rice is likely to be punished by the NFL, and may get a team-imposed punishment tacked onto it.

Matthew Stockman

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice doesn't appear to be facing serious legal ramifications after allegedly knocking out his fiancee at an Atlantic City casino over a week ago. He may have a harder time though escaping punishment from the NFL though.

Peter King of believes Rice will be disciplined by the NFL and possibly his own team:

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome said something telling about the alleged altercation between running back Ray Rice and his fiancée, Janay Palmer, at an Atlantic City casino last weekend. "Right now, I feel very good about his side of the story." If so, then Rice must have given team officials a version that involves either self-defense or overt provocation by Palmer.

Not that either one of those explanations would justify domestic abuse, if there was abuse. And regardless of the circumstances, if Rice did lay a hand on Palmer, he’ll be branded an abuser and likely face league or team discipline because of it.

Ravens receiver Torrey Smith isn't happy with Rice either, but will support him through this situation:

"It's definitely a situation that it's nothing to be proud of for us or for him," Smith told Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. "He knows that. But Janay and Ray are great friends of ours. They're focused on trying to fix it and make things right and we're going to support them like we have in the past."

At the end of the day, it's hard to see Rice getting suspended more than a game or two. As despicable as his actions were, NFL players have done worse and gotten off with just a one or two-game suspension. He'll probably draw a fine as well.