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What Other NFL Coach Would You Trade For

Last night on the podcast a caller asked the question about trading coaches in the NFL. If you had the option, who would you grab?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The question was simple, if you could trade coaches right now with another NFL head coach, who would you choose to trade for? The one rule was no Bill Belichick in this conversation. (Thanks to Fatal Content a loyal Podcast follower)

Anthony Cosenza opened with Pete Carroll. Being a USC guy AC's pick didn't shock me. He then talked about John Harbaugh from Baltimore as another guy that would be an option to bring in.

I agreed with Anthony, I think Pete Carroll is the laid back kind of coach I would enjoy. He seems to be a players coach but can get fired up when needed. He has had the opportunity to coach in the NFL in two different periods and was wildly successful in college. Carroll is also one of only three coaches that have won both a Super Bowl and a college national championship.

For the Harbaughs, I rank them with the Ryans, I would prefer to steer clear of the attitude that comes along with them. Some in the chat room also brought up coaches like John Fox, Mike Tomlin and Chuck Pagano.

John Fox has an impressive 107 to 85 win loss record and coached the greatest offense the NFL has ever seen. Granted he had the services of Peyton Manning but he also had the opportunity to take the Carolina Panthers to the playoffs several times. The knock on Fox is he has not won a Super Bowl in either time he made the game.

As Bengals fans we know what kind of coach Mike Tomlin is. He has a couple of championships with the Steelers and has been a thorn in the side of the Bengals ever since. We know his intensity and even how he is willing to pitch in on Special Teams when needed. Tomlin has an overall record of 71 wins and 41 losses and has been a great head coach for the Pittsburgh organization.

Chuck Pagano is a relatively new head coach. He also has the privileged of working with Peyton Manning's replacement, Andrew Luck. He does boast a 22-10 win loss record so his numbers look good so far in his career.

So now it is on to you, what NFL coach would you pull the trigger on if you had the opportunity to trade?