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Filed under: ranks Michael Johnson as eighth-best free agent

Taking a look at how much others value free agents, Johnson is, of course, viewed with an elite perspective. Anthony Collins... not so much.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

While piecing together their ridiculously convoluted top-150 free agents list, Rotoworld named Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson as the seventh-best free agent and second best at defensive end (behind Greg Hardy). Included on their list is Anthony Collins, who ranks No. 24 overall as the fourth-best offensive tackle.

Fair enough. recently updated a top-25 list that listed Johnson at No. 8 -- the the second-best defensive end, also behind Hardy. Anthony Collins wasn't even mentioned, with Brandon Albert, Eugene Monroe and Jared Veldheer as the top-three tackles... according to their whimsical list.

It's not that Collins isn't one of the best free agent tackles in the league (he's not). There are legitimate questions about his production as a run blocker, but a left tackle makes a majority of his money as a pass rusher -- without allowing a quarterback sack since week four in 2009, chances are he'll make an argument.