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The Cincinnati Bengals and Matt Shaughnessy?

One article suggests that Matt Shaughnessy could be a fit in Cincinnati's defense if Michael Johnson leaves during free agency.


If the Cincinnati Bengals lose Michael Johnson in free agency next month, one possible free agent player that Nick Mensio believes Cincinnati could sign is former Raiders and Cardinals defensive end Matt Shaughnessy.

Defensive lineman Matt Shaughnessy -- RE Michael Johnson is almost certainly headed to the highest bidder in free agency. Shaughnessy is an extremely versatile piece. He played end and tackle in Oakland before playing 3-4 outside linebacker in Arizona on a one-year contract in 2013. Shaughnessy received very high marks as a run defender from Pro Football Focus. He wouldn't be asked to replace Johnson as a starter; Wallace Gilberry and 2012 second-rounder Margus Hunt could take on larger roles. But Shaughnessy would be a valuable situational defender and would come cheap like owner Mike Brown likes it. OC Hue Jackson was on Oakland's staff in 2010 when Shaughnessy had his best NFL season.

Since when is Mike Brown cheap?

Shaughnessy, who played linebacker in Arizona's 3-4 defense last season, scored a PFF grade of +7.6 against the run in 2013 but one of the absolute worst pass rushing scores (-12.4) for all 3-4 outside linebackers... in the NFL. In 355 pass rushes, Shaughnessy was credited with only 27 pressures.

Appreciating the thinking, this is a pass. Not because of the PFF scores; rather an understanding on what the Bengals are looking for and what they already have. In other words, why sign Shaughnessy when you have Robert Geathers?