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Manning continues Denver tradition in Super Bowl loss

Peyton Manning and John Elway have another thing in common, they both have been accused of failing to show up in the big game.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

When Peyton Manning chose to go to Denver to continue his career he did so knowing that he would be surrounded by a team that had the potential to make it to the Super Bowl. This season they did just that. The game however was probably not what he envisioned would happen once he arrived.

John Fox said it best in his post game interview, the Broncos ran into a buzz saw in the Seahawks. From almost the first snap it was evident that the Seahawks were going to impose their will on Denver and the Broncos could do nothing to stop it.

Manning often gets compared to John Elway in Denver. The media loves to draw story lines between the two quarterbacks and after last night they share one more thing in common. Both John Elway and Peyton Manning have now been crushed in the Super Bowl.

Two of the worst losses in Super Bowl history had Denver on the bad side of the scoreboard. Last night we saw Peyton struggle and finish the game with two interceptions and a QB rating of under 74. These are better numbers than John Elway had in a 55 to 10 beating in Super Bowl 24. In this game Elway only completed 10 passes for 108 yds and had 2 interceptions and 2 fumbles.

I was surprised to see the lack of offense from the Broncos. There have been many questions all season about their defense, but statistically this is the best offense we have ever seen in the NFL. To not manage a score until late in the game was not expected.

Much has been made of Peyton Manning not showing up in big games. This loss had some to do with Manning but also the lack of anyone else on the Broncos stepping up. Bad snaps and mindless turnovers doomed the Broncos as they failed to get any momentum back after Seattle jumped ahead early.