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Packers to change playoff ticket sales based on fan feedback

In a survey sent to season ticket holders of the Green Bay Packers, fans had a chance to tell ownership why selling playoff tickets was a struggle.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After the embarrassment of almost having a home playoff game blacked out in Green Bay, the Packers asked the fans directly what the issue was around the sale of playoff tickets. Now they plan on acting on the response.

The way NFL teams handle the selling of playoff tickets is not convenient to the fans. Tickets are offered to all teams that have a shot at the playoffs at a rate that is generally much higher than the season ticket holders regular ticket price. Letters to buy tickets are sent detailing that the fans have to buy tickets to multiple games (2). So for the average person that has two seats they now must shell out cash for 4 more tickets at dramatically raised prices.

Now if the games do not get played and the tickets become useless the teams can decide how to handle refunds. Many teams encourage fans to roll the refund into the balance that will soon be due on their next seasons tickets. Some teams, like the Packers, required fans to do this.

The Bengals were another team that had trouble selling tickets. The weather was an issue, the fact that fans were not sold on what this team could do in the post season and the general idea that ticket prices are too expensive played into the lack of sales. Cincinnati is one of the teams that does give the fans the option of a refund, but it must be requested in writing or the balance just rolls to next season.

It is a novel idea though that a team would poll the fans and actually make changes based on that feedback. i would encourage every team to have that kind of connection to the fans, but sadly it is not reality.