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Super Bowl Commercials - My bottom 3

Everyone has an opinion on the Super Bowl commercials, here are my 3 least favorite.

Maddie Meyer

Sometimes you swing and miss. When you do it for a Super Bowl advertisement, your wallet takes a big hit. Here are my top 3 "misses" when it comes to the Super Bowl commercials.

1. Go Daddy: All the hype about Danika Patrick in a muscle suit was lost on a video of a bunch of weightlifters running to get a spray tan. I really feel like this one was mailed in and didn't find it creative or even interesting.

2. Maserati: This is the only Maserati commercial I have ever seen and actually thought it was a move trailer at the time. What does a natural disaster have to do with an expensive car? I don't care about the car, but if they make the movie I would be interested.

3. AXE: First try and picture the guy who wears Axe body spray. Now try to imagine that guy thinking about world peace. The concept is ok, lets stop killing each other, but I think maybe AXE is stepping a little outside its comfort zone when a body spray made famous by the cast of the Jersey Shore is going to somehow join the fight against violence. It just didn't work.