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Bengals Bites (2/4): News and links

Stories and notes regarding the Bengals and the NFL. You can use this as an open thread too.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals will see the next Super Bowl if ...

Coley Harvey takes a what if approach on what it will take for the Bengals to see the next Super Bowl. With a focus on defense he details 5 things that would need to happen for the Bengals to take that step. Andy Dalton is not one of the 5 things.

Sam Wyche could have taken over the San Fransisco job after the 49ers beat the Bengals in Super Bowl 23

Another article revisiting the Super Bowl loss 25 years ago. The 34 seconds that will forever live as a what if for Bengal fans. Interesting piece in this article is how Eddie Debartolo pulled Sam Wyche aside before boarding the bus following the game.

Bengals not far off Seahawks' blueprint

A comparison piece between the Seahawks defense and the Bengals squad. Seattle finished with the number 1 overall defense in the NFL. The Bengals finished with the number 3. Interesting piece, but from what we all say in the Super Bowl, the Bengals are a very distant third.

Coley Harvey standing by Andy Dalton

With input from Kurt Warner and Dalton's former high school coach, Harvey talks about potential. He also compares some of Dalton's performances to what we saw out of Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl.

Who will take a step back in 2014?

USA Today takes a look at a bunch of questions this offseason. They chose the Bengals as a team to step back based on the fact that both coordinators were lost.

What does Kyle Shanahan bring to Cleveland?

It is always good to get a look at what to expect from a division rival. Does Shanahan make a difference in Cleveland or is he just the next cog in a rotating machine of coaches?