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At 320 lbs, Jared Lorenzen has taken his talents to Northern Kentucky

Do you live in the Cincinnati area? It appears as though the Hefty Lefty is still actively playing quarterback just across the river.

Apparently Jared Lorenzen is still playing quarterback.

For those that aren't familiar with Lorenzen, he started 41 games with the Kentucky Wildcats, throwing for 10,354 yards and 78 touchdowns. It was Lorenzen's unusual build that made headlines. When he checked into the 2004 NFL Combine, he measured at 6'3" and weighed 280 lbs. Lorenzen wasn't drafted, but the New York Giants acquired him as an undrafted free agent. He completed two passes on four attempts for 28 yards in two years on the Giants roster.

Lorenzen went on to become the general manager of the Northern Kentucky River Monsters, part of the CIFL, an indoor football league. It wasn't long until Lorenzen felt a calling deep inside his current 320 pounds of body mass and opted to take the field once again. Lorenzen is now the quarterback of the River Monsters, a move which naturally made for headlines around the country as well as extraordinary footage.

No, this isn't footage of a player created in Madden. This isn't CGI. This is really happening.

Lorenzen finished Monday's season opener against the Bluegrass Warhorses with 23 completions for 183 yards, three touchdowns, and a rushing touchdown. Naturally, Twitter is flooding with quality commentary.

The River Monsters will appear in their first 2014 home game on Sunday at The Bank of Kentucky Center. Go check them out if you'd like to witness the 32-year old mound of a man make plays before your very eyes. At the very least, send some videos our way. Thank you, Jared Lorenzen, for easing our offseason agony.