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2013 Bengals Season Awards: Most Improved Player Of The Year

We continue the Bengals' 2013 season awards with the nominations for The Most Improved Player of the Year.

John Grieshop

Giving out an award titled "Most Improved Player" carries a certain stigma with it. Was the player a complete non-factor the prior year and was just adequate the next? Was a player a solid rotational guy who cracked the starting lineup? Or would it go to a guy who falls under "The Comeback Player of the Year" award? That's why we asked eight Cincy Jungle staff members their opinions.

Nick Seuberling: Marvin Jones has my vote. He took a big leap in production in his second season.

Mickey Mentzer: hard to argue against the Jones vote. He was solid all year long with some huge performances.

Andrew Miller: Ditto, Mickey and Nick. Jones gets my vote--it isn't even close in my book.

Mike Townsend: I'm sensing a trend. Marvin Jones is my guy for this award.

Mojokong: Lump me in the Marvin Jones category as well.

willPOWER (William Newell): I'm torn between Jones and George Iloka. We all know what Jones did in a big second year, but Iloka stepped into the starting lineup and solidified a position that the Bengals have long needed.

Josh Kirkendall: I can't go against the grain here. Marvin Jones has my vote.

Anthony Cosenza: You guys know that I like to be different with these and it's hard to go against Jones, so I'll just throw two more names out there for consideration. Rey Maualuga really upped his game last season and Vontaze Burfict went from a solid starter to a Pro Bowl linebacker in one year.