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Cold Weather Super Bowl may have opened up the opportunity to other markets

With the Super Bowl in cold weather complete, what are the chances other teams make a push to host in the northern markets?

John Moore

All in all the weather cooperated for the Super Bowl in New York (New Jersey). Sure, the temps were colder than the pleasant climate that usually accompanies an open air game, but the snow waited and the game did not seem to be affected.

What this has probably done is pave the way for other markets who may not enjoy "mild" winters to host the big game. Some of these markets have already spoken up.

Denver and Philadelphia have already made it known that they want to host the game. Now Chicago, Washington and New England have made it known that they too want to host.

A lot goes into hosting a Super Bowl. There is massive infrastructure needed, there is a need for ample hotel space and the event takes over an area. Knowing that, some markets probably couldn't handle the hosting responsibilities. Sadly, that probably includes Cincinnati. The only AFC North team that could maybe handle that load would be Baltimore.

Pittsburgh is not a big market and I can't imagine the game being played in the factory of sadness.


What are your thoughts on the Super Bowl testing the waters in more northern markets? Are you for it or do you think the risk of weather is too great to risk it?