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Tortured fan bases of the NFL

Sometimes it is hard being a fan. Some fans argue that they suffer more for their teams than most. Who suffers the most?

John Grieshop

Bengals fans are a tortured bunch. We are constantly reminded of how long it has been since the Bengals have won a playoff game. Our Super Bowl claim to fame is a :34 second drive that ended in an ultimate highlight for another franchise. We are famous for arrests and bad draft decisions. Sometimes, it is really hard being a Bengals fan.

Will Leitch digs deeper into the entire NFL to figure out which team can boast the hardest suffering fans. Leitch begins by starting with the most spoiled fan bases. To none of our surprise he names the Pittsburgh Steelers: "A pretty solid sign the Steelers have the most spoiled fan base in the NFL is that most of them are seeing this ranking and thinking, "But we haven't won a title in five years. It has been so long!"". Exactly Freaking Right, quit your whining.

Second is the Seahawks. For some reason, I think their fans would be ok with that right now. New England, Baltimore and Green Bay also rank very high on the spoiled fan lists.

Now to the bottom. It should surprise no one that the Bills and the Browns are the bottom two teams needing some love. Especially poetic is what he wrote about the Browns

2. Cleveland Browns. (Super Bowl appearances: None.) Cleveland Browns fans, I'd argue, are the most loyal fan base to a team and an ownership that absolutely does not deserve them in all of sports. Like the Lions, the Browns have never made a Super Bowl, but they've been close, which just makes The Drive all that worse. Also pushing them above the Lions is that small matter of their beloved team leaving them for a few years, and then being horrible since they "returned." The Browns are cruel and wrong.

So I bet now you wonder where the Bengals fans land on this list. Leitch has us right in the middle of the pack at number 12.

12. Cincinnati Bengals. (Super Bowl appearances: 2. Super Bowl wins: 0.) This might be too low: The Bengals lost two Super Bowls, to the same team no less, in tight, painful fashion. Plus, they had a horrible management system in place until fairly recently. Their recent habit of making the playoffs but not doing much (or even really being noticed) once they get there is of note as well. Chili's great, though.

I think that puts us a little high. He nails the management struggles and the loss in both Super Bowls. The Bengals are routinely used as a joke in the NFL to other fans and even some of the less creative media types. But, the team has become regulars in the post season and even though they lose every time they go, some teams are very envious of having that extra game a year.

The chili is good though.

Here is the entire list, but click through and read the reasoning, some of them are pretty good.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers
31. Seattle Seahawks
30. New England Patriots
29. Baltimore Ravens
28. Green Bay Packers
27. New York Giants
26. Indianapolis Colts
25. New Orleans Saints
24. Denver Broncos
23. Dallas Cowboys
22. San Francisco 49ers
21. Houston Texans
20. Jacksonville Jaguars
19. St. Louis Rams
18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
17. Carolina Panthers
16. Oakland Raiders
15. Tennessee Titans
14. Atlanta Falcons
13. Chicago Bears
12. Cincinnati Bengals
11. Washington Football Team
10. Miami Dolphins
9. Arizona Cardinals
8. Kansas City Chiefs
7. San Diego Chargers
6. New York Jets
5. Philadelphia Eagles
4. Minnesota Vikings
3. Detroit Lions
2. Cleveland Browns
1. Buffalo Bills