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2013 Bengals Season Awards: Team Coach Of The Year

The season awards continue with the nominations for the Bengals' Coach of the Year.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When a team's season ends prematurely and the taste of disappointment is palpable, it's hard to give pats on the backs to a coaching staff. There is a sense of underachievement with the 2013 Cincinnati Bengals--not so much for the regular season, but for their uninspiring exit in the playoffs at the hands of the Chargers. Still, they improved their win total, grabbed the division crown and made the playoffs for an unprecedented three straight seasons.

Even in the midst of the disappointment, certain coaches deserve kudos for what they did with their units and position groups. That is what this award is for--honoring the coaches who did their jobs with great success and fervor throughout 2013. You might have an inkling as to how this one might turn out.

Josh Kirkendall: I'm going with linebackers coach, Paul Guenther. Just a great job with that group in the face of so many injuries. I hope it translates to his new position as Bengals defensive coordinator in 2014 as well.

Anthony Cosenza: I have to go with Mike Zimmer for his unit having its highest ranking under his tutelage. Just an amazing job. I do want to give a nod to Darrin Simmons as well. Aside from the two gaffes in Pittsburgh, the unit was solid throughout the season.

willPOWER (William Newell): It's a toss up between Guenther and Zimmer for me.

Mojokong: Zimmer all the way.

Mickey Mentzer: Paul Guenther. He helped turn vontaze Burfict into a Pro Bowler and Rey Maualuga had a nice year.

Nick Seuberling: Mike Zimmer gets my vote on this one.

Mike Townsend: I have to go with Zimmer--no other way.

Andrew Miller: Zimmer for me as well. I have to give it to the old salty coach.