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Bengals helmet gets a Star Wars treatment

In true offseason fashion, we're enthralled with these Star Wars re-designs of all 32 NFL team helmets.

Artist John Raya must truly be a fan of the NFL because he couldn't have picked a better time to post his re-imagining of every NFL team influenced by the Star Wars universe. Raya posted his designs in which he swapped every NFL city with a planet in the Star Wars universe.

The Cincinnati Bengals become the Irodonia Zabraks. For those that aren't readily familiar with the Zabraks, the most popular example would be Darth Maul, the villain from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Yes, Cincinnati was referenced to arguably the worst installment of the film franchise.


Raya has yet to explain his inspiration for each team, but one could assume he associated the facial tattoos of the Zabraks to the stripes of a Bengal tiger.While we're at it, here are the other teams from the AFC North after Raya gave them the Star Wars treatment:

The Baltimore Ravens are the Mygeeto Siths.


The Pittsburgh Steelers are the Ryloth Droidekas.


The Cleveland Browns are the Raxus Prime Jawas.


Be sure to check out all 32 of Raya's designs. Or you could just continue counting the days to the NFL Combine.