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Cleveland Browns A "Remote Possibility" For Trade With Redskins For QB Kirk Cousins

Washington Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins wants a trade. His former offensive coordinator is now in Cleveland. Sounds like a perfect match, right? Not so fast.

Scott Cunningham

It's amazing what a sense of entitlement some NFL players get on such a small and relatively unimpressive sample size of game tape. Matt Flynn was a quarterback who had a couple of nice games in relief of Aaron Rodgers, which were, in truth, games that meant nothing to the outcome of the Packers' season. The Washington Redskins' backup quarterback, Kirk Cousins, is finding himself in a similar boat.

After Mike Shanahan shut Robert Griffin III down at the end of last season because of injuries and the season being lost, Cousins was named the starter for the final three games. He threw for just under 750 yards, four touchdowns and five interceptions in those contests. The Redskins lost all three of those contests with Cousins at the helm.

Cousins started one game as a rookie when RG3 was injured then and led the Redskins to a win on the road in Cleveland where he threw for 329 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. It's these three performances, coupled with a solid college career that has Cousins and some NFL team officials believing that he can be an effective pro starter.

With Kyle Shanahan now the offensive coordinator in Cleveland after being fired in Washington, many wonder if Cousins' old coach would make a play to bring him into the place that has been a quarterback wasteland for 15 years. According to Mary Kay Cabot with The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the possibility is a "remote" one. They may opt to see what they have with Brian Hoyer, a player who led the Browns to a 3-0 stretch before being injured for the season. There is also the plethora of options at the position that will be available in the draft at No.4 overall (Cleveland's pick) and in the rounds beyond.

While it wouldn't be an unexpected move because of the Shanahan-Cousins relationship, they may keep their options focused internally with Hoyer and in the draft.