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One offseason story line is which NFL players will get arrested

Every year it happens. The season ends and a handful of players get arrested. What will we see this offseason?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last year after the Ravens won the Super Bowl there were more than 30 players arrested from 19 teams in the offseason. We can probably expect the same kind of behavior to happen this offseason.

If you remember, there was no bigger announcement of a player being arrested than that of Aaron Hernandez being arrested and charged with murder.

The Bengals had their own issue with a player arrest in Adam Jones. He was arrested for assault after "punching" a woman outside a bar in Cincinnati.

Many of the arrests surround drinking and driving but there always seems to be something major that is a shock to fans of the NFL. The Aaron Hernandez situation is still being battled in the courtroom and was one of the makor stories of last years offseason.

Some of the other notable arrests were:

  • The Broncos Quentin Carter being arrested for cheating in a casino
  • Cardinals cheerleader Megan Welter is arrested for assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage
  • Giants Linebacker Dan Connor was arrested with a switchblade at an airport
  • Broncos director of player personnel Matt Russell is arrested for DUI
  • Broncos director of pro personnel Tom Heckert is charged with DUI
  • Browns Linebacker Ausar Walcott is charged with attempted murder (from a fight)
  • Andre Smith is arrested for trying to bring a handgun aboard an airplane

Just a reminder of what the offseason may bring when a bunch of people with too much money are out of work and on the town.