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Former Bengals who are currently free agents

With all the focus on free agency, I thought it might be interesting to see what former Bengals will possibly be testing the open market.

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Several former Bengals will find themselves without a home until they are either resigned by their current teams or land on the list of available free agents. Maybe the Bengals take a look at a guy that has a history playing in Cincinnati, or maybe there was a good reason to let them walk. Either way I thought it would be interesting to list them and also the chances we could see them back in Cincinnati next season.

This will be on a scale of 0 to 5 where 0 is no chance and 5 is it is likely to happen.

Jon Kitna - 0 - I don't think the Bengals have a need for an aged Qb with tiny hands to come in and mentor Andy Dalton.

Bernard Scott - 0 - This experiment ran it's course. If the Bengals go running back in free agency there are much better options.

Brian Leonard - 1 - A fan favorite when he was here, probably wouldn't fit into what Hue Jackson wants to build. I will always have a soft spot for the guy as he came up huge on multiple occasions for the Bengals.

Andre Caldwell - 1 - I was rooting for him in the Super Bowl and he has been spoiled as of late catching passes from Peyton Manning. With Decker and Caldwell both free agents, I think Denver may choose to keep Andre around.

Jerome Simpson - 0 - No chance, was enough of a headache when he was here and the Bengals would not invite that back.

Kevin Walter - 0 - When he was in Cincinnati he was on the field a lot, but I think with his age and the talent the Bengals have on the roster there is no chance he will get a second look.

Chase Coffman - 0 - The tight end never amounted to much in Cincinnati and Tyler Eifert may be everything we wanted Chase to be.

Travelle Wharton - 0 - I doubt the Bengals will sign and pay him to not play again.

Pat Sims - 2 - Many fans feel the Bengals lost something when Sims left. Somewhere in the depths of the offices at Paul Brown, I am sure his name has come up at least once.

Clinton McDonald - 2 - Another guy the Bengals may think about at some point. Especially relevant that he now has a ring.

Keith Rivers - 0 - We got a 5th round pick for him and I think the Bengals are happy with that.

Jeromy Miles - 1 - Safety is a need on this team and Jeromy knows the defense...

Shayne Graham - 0 - I think everyone is fine if Graham just moves along to his next team not wearing orange and black.

Obviously I don't feel that any of the former Bengals on the unrestricted free agent list are going to merit much consideration on the open market from the Bengals. (except maybe Frostee Rucker which I talk about in another post).

Many of these players will be signed and have a home in 2014. Two of them (Caldwell, McDonald) recently played in the Super Bowl. It is kind of like flipping through the year book (In Kitna's case a very old yearbook) when you see these names pop up on the free agent lists. Are there any that you would like to see in stripes again?