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Poll: Is it time for the Bengals to change their uniforms?

Should the Bengals literally change their stripes?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When Nike became the uniform provider in 2012, many expected big changes around the league. When their designs were revealed, it was apparent that Nike wasn't looking to instantly shake things up. With the exception of a few NFL teams, most were subtle changes to the design that Reebok had left behind.

If Nike is going to continue making changes to uniforms, it could be soon. While no official statement has come from Nike, it was suggested by the company two years ago that more changes would take place after the initial uniform lineup was revealed. So, what about the Bengals?

The last significant uniform overhaul for the Bengals was in 2004, and even then it wasn't drastic. The tiger-striped helmet remained the same, something that the Bengals adopted in 1981 and never let go of. The striped helmet may be one of the more polarizing design choices of the Bengals uniform. Some fans love it, others despise it. Oftentimes the negative feedback comes from non-Bengals fans. I personally don't want to see the stripes changed. The reason it gets so much attention is because it's unique, and "unique" often leads to criticism.

Also, in 2004, the "B" logo became more prominent. It can now be found just below the neckline of the jersey. The Bengals pushed this logo further by putting the design right in the middle of the field in Paul Brown Stadium. Could there be more emphasis of the Bengals initial moving forward?

One thing is for certain: If the Bengals choose to be influenced by throwback jerseys, they need to be careful not to go too far back. The uniforms of the 1970's are too similar to the modern Cleveland Browns jerseys. In other words, the stripes are likely here to stay. Then again, it only takes one quality idea from an innovative mind for an acceptable overhaul.

What do you think? Should the Bengals uniforms be altered? Is it time? Be sure to add your thoughts to the comments section.