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Bengals Bites (2/7): News and links

Stories and notes regarding the Bengals and the NFL. You can use this as an open thread too.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hot Read - Recovering from an NFL season is physical and mental
The life of an NFL player from July until January is a structured matrix of meetings, practices, massages, meals and weightlifting. There are reminders at every corner -- calendars in locker rooms, phone alarms buzzing and digital clocks strategically placed throughout the facility. When the season comes to an abrupt end, the schedules come down and the alarms are turned off. But the internal clock doesn't stop.

NFL Trade Rumors - Atlanta Could Be A Landing Spot For DE Michael Johnson

If Michael Johnson is not signed by the Bengals, the Falcons could be a team that tries to bring him in. Arthut Blank said he didn't want to make a huge splash in free agency, but there might be an exception for the Bengals pass rusher.

Rex Grossman An Option For The Browns?

Cleveland needs some quarterback help and Grossman has been around for a while. The Browns could be in a position to have a bunch of guys in camp and see who rises to the top.

Ravens Expected To Receive Four 2014 Compensatory Picks

This is the max that a team can get and the Ravens may even land an additional 3rd, two 4ths and a fifth.

Ike Taylor Unlikely To Be Back In Pittsburgh Next Season?

With the Steelers cap issues, Ike Taylor could be asked to take a big pay cut. Why would a guy choose to get paid that much less to be on a team that has struggled to be competitive in the AFC North?

Steelers Could Be Forced To Choose Between Jason Worilds & LaMarr Woodley

Worildis has said that he wants to be a starter. If the Steelers bring both back then there are cap issues and too many bodies at the position.

Sochi hotel adventure | FOX Sports on MSN
The Olympic athletes may be settling in to sparse rooms, but they're not having nearly the number of issues that media and other tourists are having at the hotels around the town.

New Thursday night arrangement could create a problem for two teams | ProFootballTalk
The new Thursday night arrangement between the NFL and CBS contains plenty of intriguing quirks and wrinkles. For two teams, one complication could be referred to as a pain in a place where pains tend to be more painful.