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Ranking NFL announcers after 2013 season

NFL announcers can either enhance a game based on their knowledge and eagle-like observations, or become a great liability. Who is your top crew?

Scott Halleran

Ranking television announcers in the NFL, from best-to-worst, basically boils down to "whom can you tolerate the most". Most people will nitpick an error or issue a summons of blasphemy because of what was said about their favorite team -- do a flash poll among Bengals fans about their opinion of Dan Dierdorf.

Everyone knows the crews, mostly those that do weekly national games for NBC, ESPN and the NFL Network. There's the army of announcers for CBS and Fox with Jim Nance/Phil Simms and Joe Buck/Troy Aikman as the "A-team" respectively, but not everyone has the honor of hearing from them.

Sports Illustrated ranks the best announcers, listing NBC's crew of (former Reds voice) Al Michaels and (former Bengals wide receiver) Cris Collinsworth. Behind them are Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts (CBS), Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch (FOX), Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden (ESPN) and Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock (NFL Network).

Not including network affiliation, if you were to pick a team of announcers to call a Bengals game, who would be your top crew?